Our Story

To begin with, we love food and we love to eat!  So in 2005, we began, and continue to operate, our catering business, Tip of the Tongue Caterers.  Since then, we have devoted our culinary energy to countless weddings, corporate events and special occasion parties.  There are many components to producing a successful wedding or event (it can be overwhelming), but our first priority has always been with the quality of the food, which we’ve become know for.  Over the years, our clients have been very excited by our food and have suggested we open a shop.  And we’ve always dreamed of having our own brick and mortar.  After years of discussion, a laborious business plan, and a hell of a time getting our hands on enough financing, we are very happy to offer Tip of the Tongue: Baked & Brewed.  At our shop, you’ll find a full range of simple, delicious and seasonal savory and pastry foods in a welcoming space along with a full range of espresso and coffee drinks (we love coffee as much as we love food)!  Check out the menu section to see what we’re currently serving.
We hope to see you soon!
Eric McIntyre & Scott Fagan

Gluttonous Coffee

When you’re in our shop, you may find yourself wanting to try more than one thing. But you may not want to buy multiple, full-size pieces of pastry (which we can completely understand). So we have the perfect menu item for you. Our gluttonous coffee, the idea of which is borrowed, and directly translated from an emerging French trend called cafe gourmand (or cafe plaisir), allows you to supplement your coffee or tea purchase with a plate of three, bite-size desserts that change seasonally (well, some are more than just one bite). With your coffee or tea, you can get a dessert trio that will include such menu items as churros with caramel & chocolate dipping sauces, ginger creme brulee, pumpkin cheesecake, mini carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate caramel tartlet, mini pecan pie, tiramisu, coconut tapioca passionfruit parfait, lemon verbena custard, a miniature cookie or whoopie pie. Once you try them, you may want the larger size!